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Free Websites for UK Registered Charities

Free websites for UK Registered Charities

We all need a helping hand at some stage and SitePros UK has decided to offer its expertise, time and facilities to assist up to 10 charities each year get online. This isn't a revenue generator for SitePros, so don't expect to be offered something free, only to discover that it is for a trial or limited period. And you don't need to be concered that the offer is limited to the hosting of your site. Quite simply, if your charity qualifies, then you will benefit from a website that is being designed, built and then managed on your behalf. A modern, fully responsive website without any upfront or ongoing charges. The only thing you will need to provide is the domain name and content. 

Please rememeber that this offer is only available to new registered charities in the UK or smaller established charities. This may be a first website or the updating of a dated website.

You can also request additional functionality such as a FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) section, Donation Pages, a Blog, Bespoke Enquiry Forms, Image Galleries Small Shops and so on. Included with the free package will be a limited number of personalised email addresses for example This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can find out more right here: Free Websites for UK Registered Charities from SitePros UK


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Our entire mission is to make a website presence a reality for all by getting rid of the upfront costs and introducing a low, all inclusive, monthly fee. 

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