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How much to build a website in the UK

Pay Monthly Websites offer pretty much the same thing but without the upfront costs.  No design costs, no build fact, nothing upfront uless you want a particular functionality that has to be added, built or purchased. With a basic website starting at just £25 and a Standard, 10 page website starting at £35 per month, Pay Monthly Websites are worth adding to the mix. E-commerce websites can cost anything from £1,500 to £2,500 depending on the number of products and categories required. A similar E-commerce website on a Pay Monthly Website will cost from around £60 per month. Truly bespoke designs where a website is build from the bottom up with you very own unique design can cost up to £10,000 and is ost likely suitable for much larger businesses or those with similar ambitions. These are not typically available on a Pay Monthly basis because they are bespoke!

Some companies specialise in a 'build your own website'. The user experience can depend on the site and costs vary from a few pounds per month to around £40. These have their market but getting something that looks unique and getting to grips with the user experience can be challenging for some and daunting for others. Each to their own...its an option to put into the mix but, perhaps everyone should stick to what they know best. Most website designers could probably no plumb in a washing machine or fix the big ends on a car engine!

All websites regardless of whether they are starter sites or the larger standard sites should be what is known as 'responsive'. That is to say they they display as well on a mobile device as they do on a desktop PC. Many do not and these will be penalised by the search engines in a way that may lose rankings and, therefore, position on the search. Given over 60% of people conduct an online seach for products or services first, this is a lost opportunity. Pay Monthly Websites by SitePros are ALL responsive sites, irrespective of the size.

Another ranking factor for search engines is whether or not the website is http: of https:. The latter is a secure connection favoured by the search engines and typically has a green padlock alongside. All websites with SitePros come with https. 

Most website designers will charge for edits to the site. How much this will cost will depend on how many time you request an edit. A few edits a month could top over £50. Pay Monthly Websites by SitePros allow unlimited edits to content and images. This is important because search engines love fresh content. Websites should not be a set-up and forget exercise. Adding new images and content is fruitful. One way of doing this yourself without incurring additional costs is to have a blog. These may include information about new products, your industry, services or successfully completed projects. A blog with some images can allow lots of additional contant without any costs. With SitePros a blog counts as just one page out of your package or pay an extra £2 per month. 


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